Dr.Why, the quiz game for your pub

Entertain your pub guests with the funniest live quiz game

What is Dr. Why?

Dr.Why is an interactive Quiz game that gives customers in clubs and pubs the opportunity to experience the excitement of TV quizzes. A speaker leads the match by reading the questions projected on the screens, comments on the results and offers tributes to the best players. You can answer in real time with the controller or with a tablet.

8.000+ Pub

65 Agencies

2.000.000+ Players

50.000+ Questions

What do you need?

You can join the selected list of Dr.Why clubs in two ways, by purchasing one of the starter kits including all the necessary equipment to play or by relying on one of our agencies present throughout the national territory.

Buy a kit

You can choose to buy one of the Dr.Why starter kits including all the necessary equipment to play and independently conduct the game in your room.

Rely an agency

You can choose to rely the entire management of the matches to one of our agencies that organize, promote and conduct the matches with their own equipment.

Main features

  • An archive of 50,000+ questions;
  • Unpublished questions every day;
  • Original content in continuous update (graphics, animations, video and audio);
  • Thematic graphics for every match;
  • 100% Made in Italy.

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